The Bridges Team creates spaces to build understanding of each other and to build capacity for compassionate conversations that arise out of challenging issues or conflict. To reach the Bridges Team and seek support you can address an email to any of the team members or to the team as a whole and send it to We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

The Bridges Team members are:

  • Katie Gingerich - Coordinator
  • Susanna Compton
  • Debbie Wagler
  • Terry Gitzel
  • Chris Pot


Here are some articles, videos, podcasts or other resources that can help you build capacity for compassionate conversations and relationships. They are listed under different themes to help you find things quickly.


Approaching Conflict with Curiosity

Communication Skills

Finding Win-Win Solutions

Listening Skills

Managing and Responding to Emotions

Resolving Conflict with Children

Trauma-Informed Care