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Kids Corner invites you to participate in our collection of hygiene items over the next few weeks. Kids Corner will be collecting the items listed below from now until June 23rd.

On June 23rd, Kids Corner will assemble the hygiene kits to be dropped off at a collection centre.  If you want to learn more about this program, talk to Rachel Morton or click here.

Contents (NEW items only)

·         4 large bars bath soap (leave in wrapper)
·         Shampoo (1 or 2 bottles, totalling more than 600 ml; place in resealable plastic bag) 
·         4 large bars laundry soap (such as Sunlight®, Fels Naptha®, or Zote® brands)
·         4 adult-sized toothbrushes (in manufacturer's packaging)
·         4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colours; approx. 75 cm x 150 cm)
·         2 wide-toothed combs (15–20 cm)
·         1 nail clipper (good quality)
·         1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40, assorted)
·         Sanitary pads (THIN; 1 or 2 packages, minimum 28 pads total)

Thank you for limiting your generosity to the items listed.