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To be held in Indonesia July 5-10. Since covid restrictions limit personal attendance, there is an online option (see Further, "glocal watch parties" of the assembly's plenary worship services are scheduled for:
Tue, July 5, 7:00 pm at First Mennonite Church, 880 King St E, Kitchener
Wed through Fri, 3:00pm & 7:00pm, First Mennonite Church, Kitchener
Sat, July 9, 7:00pm, First Mennonite Church, Kitchener
Sun, July 10, 7:00 pm, Meheret Evangelical Church, 46 Krug St., Kitchener
Come and enjoy local intercultural gatherings while connecting with the global community of Anabaptist related churches. Bring your own water bottle. Masks may be requested. Offerings will be held for the ministry of Mennonite World Conference.