For people who are attending church for the first time, or who don't go to church, attending a church can be a strange experience.

Normally our services are about an hour in length. There is a time for children ages Kindergarden to Grade five in our Kid's Corner program where there are stories, and games that focus on faith. There is a nursery for children ages birth to age 3 near our worship area.


We focus on being positive and encouraging as a way of presenting faith.


Come as you are - don't feel you have to dress to impress anyone here.


You will not be forced to give money, or say or do things that feel uncomfortable. You may however find your perspective challenged. We will not try and track you down if you come. We do not assume because you show up you believe what we are telling you. We are very open to divergent opinion.


We believe the life of Jesus changed the world forever, and this is the story that forms the basis of our worship. We will talk about Jesus, and his impact on our lives.