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Great News of an Incredible Resource! As a church we have taken out membership in Right Now Media, an incredible resource online. Some call it the NetFlix of Christian resources. It is totally FREE to all those of The Gathering Church. It has teaching/study/preaching resources which are fantastic!! For children, this is also an incredible resource of videos. Kids love it and the content is all Christ and spiritual values centered. We have already registered many from the Gathering, however, we will not give out emails to Right Now Media unless you give us permission. And we do not want you to miss this great opportunity.

To get access to this resource, just send us an e-mail. ( You and your family will love it. Go to for more information on this resource. [NOTE - you are also welcome to add a friend, neighbour, family member etc....just get their permission and send their email to us] 

You can watch through your browser or download the RightNow Media app for:  iOS or Android or Roku or Apple TV