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Online Church Directory

We have an online member directory. We took all the info from the printed directory and added it here. An immediate benefit of the online directory is that it can be updated quickly and easily as needed. 

Not in the directory?

We can easily add you to our online directory. Send an e-mail to Kendra at to get yourself added.

Who can see the online directory?

You have to login to see the online directory. If your information is part of the directory and you provided at least one e-mail address then we have added you as user who can login to see it.

How do I Login then?

Before you login for the first time you need to set your password. To do so use the Forgot your password link on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address. Use the e-mail address you provided for the directory info. If you specified more than one e-mail in the directory information the e-mail you use should be the first e-mail address you listed. After you've setup your password you can log in so you can see the online directory. 

If you have already set and know your password click on the Login link at the top of the website (or in the Menu button when viewed on your phone). 

Where's the Directory

After you login you will see a Directory link at the top of website. If you are using your mobile/phone then you can find the Directory link in the Menu button at the top right of the page.

Who can edit the details?

You can edit only your own details when you login via a desktop/laptop/tablet. If you need assistance, we can help with that. Send an e-mail to Kendra at

After you login (desktop/laptop/tablet) you can view your details via the My Profile link. You access it by clicking the downward arrow beside your name at the top of the website. To then edit your details click on the Edit Profiile button. Make your changes and press the Save User button at the bottom of the page beneath the User Bio section (scroll down if necessary).