Steve Cox
August 5, 2018
Steve Cox
Lead Pastor
Introduction to the Psalms

“The book of Psalms provides the most reliable theological, pastoral, and liturgical resource given us in the biblical tradition.  In season and out of season, generation after generation, faithful women and men turn to the Psalms as a most helpful resource for conversation with God about things that matter most.  The Psalms are helpful because they are a genuinely dialogical literature that expresses both sides of the conversation of faith,” Walter Brueggemann.

Psalms is more like a dialogue than any other book.  More like a conversation expressing both sides.  It reveals the real relationship between God and His people.

For the month of August we will be working through some of the major themes in the psalms as they relate to our heart. The series is called ‘Heart to Heart’, which alludes to the big idea of this series…'that God meets us heart to heart in our deepest emotional experiences.'

As an introduction to this unique book, this message will cover it’s purpose, style, and structure, as well as reading five psalms.