Psalm 22; Luke 23:44-53
Show us Your Hope in Death

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Sermon Overview:
This is the day in the Church that we commemorate and remember specifically the crucifixion--the death of Jesus on the cross. This is perhaps collectively the hardest day in the life of the Church, the most solemn. 
We celebrate communion on Good Friday to remember the grace and sacrifice of our Lord at Calvary.

Jesus final week was filled with pain and promise, leading up to one final, agonized proclamation: “It is finished.”
With one last breath, Jesus became our final sacrifice.
Through His power over death, we can now become wholly alive.
The reality we experience is that death does carry pain in the natural world, and so we say,

“Jesus, we need you to show us You have power over death itself.”


Call to Worship:
Leader:  In ancient times, Yahweh asked the prophet, “Do you believe these dead bones can live again?”
People:  The prophet answered, “O God, you know!”
Leader:  In the time of Jesus, he asked Martha, “Do you believe I am the resurrection and the life?”
People:  Martha answered, “Yes, Lord, I believe.”’
Leader:  Today God asks, “Do you trust that mourning can turn into joy? That your weary bones will live again?”

All:  We answer, “O God, show us!”