Mark 1:35
Early in the Morning

Sermon Overview:

How is your morning routine?

What do you do first thing?

Last week we explored the bookends of the letters in Scripture.
This week we think about the bookend of the day.
There is an invitation to begin our day with the anticipation that God has already been at work even while we were at rest.

‘Very early in the morning while it is still dark' is in response to the demands of Jesus's day.  All good things, all important things such as; teachings, healings, a mission on the move, being created and picking up momentum…a way of life that has survived thousands of years of scrutiny and doubters and Heretics.

Was Jesus daily grind important work?

100%, yes, indeed.

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. Describe your morning routine in detail.  From the moment you wake up.  Are you happy with it or are there changes you would like to make?

2. Why do you think that Jesus woke up 'very early in the morning' to go and pray?  What does Jesus' commitment to prayer say to you about the importance of prayer?

3. Through these COVID months would you describe your spiritual life as being in a dry phase, a coasting phase, or a growth phase?  What do you think has contributed most to that phase?  What one thing could improve your spiritual life going forward?