Mark 1:35
Where He Prayed

Sermon Overview

One of the questions or challenges I have for myself is: 'how do I know if my prayer life is working or is effective?'

In this third installment in our series looking at Jesus' personal practice of prayer we will look into some of the complimentary teachings of Jesus around prayer, and what amazing truths they reveal about our Great God!

Worship Links for This Week

Osinachi Joseph, a Nigerian singer/Songwriter composed a song that many have sung in church called “Waymaker”.  We’ve recently found this out and wanted to make mention of this, most importantly to give credit where credit is due. So often we associate a song with a certain band or “church” which can easily happen.  We are grateful for  Osinachi Joseph, also known as Sinach, for creating such a powerful song of faith. 
Lauren Daigle - Rescue

"I Shall Not Want" - Audrey Assad

Come And Tear Down The Walls | Feat. Jenny Wahlström, Mark Alan Schoolmeesters

You Speak - Audrey Assad

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. How do you think you can know if your prayer life is working or is effective?  Would you say you are effective in your times of prayer?

2. "Your Father who sees in secret will reward you." "Your Father knows what you need before you ask him."  What do these two characteristics of God mean to you?  How might they influence or effect the way to pray to Him?

3. The sermon quoted Jurgen Moltmann who said, “The mysticism of everyday life is the deepest mysticism of all.”  Do you think this is true?  If so, how could you begin to pray about your everyday ordinary life as a part of something bigger than just you? 

4. Take a moment to become OPEN to God's voice.  What is true about God in this moment, in the now?  What gift does that truth about God offer to you today?